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A beautiful day

October 26, 2009

October 23, 2009

It was such a beautiful day today! Two of the other GA’s (General Assistants, my official job title, and a perfect one for a shiftless liberal arts major like myself, I think) and I were tasked with taking a Pisten Bully (another fun snow vehicle, this one German) on the Castle Rock Loop to repair the flagging. The Castle Rock Loop is a nine mile loop, mostly just for recreation, that goes up the hill behind the station, across a plateau, towards a volcano (Erebus, whose smoke plume you can see in pictures below), to a big beautiful outcropping of volcanic rock that reminds me of Devil’s Tower, down a steep steep hill to the ice shelf, and then back to the station. All of the roads around here are marked with bamboo poles that have different colored flags on them, to mark where the roads are, signify conditions, and help people travel if they get caught in a whiteout. We were to go out and replace any that were missing or tattered beyond recognition.
The morning was a bit of a farce. (We went to pick up the vehicle. We got the key, but when we went outside it wasn’t there. They sent us to the repair shop. They told us it was outside, but it wasn’t there either. We finally found it, only to have it drive away right before our eyes. It felt a little like the children’s book Are You My Mother? only it was Are You My Somewhat Dangerous German Snow Vehicle?. Then the head of the repair shop literally ran down the thing, only to find two renegade scientists who had mistakenly taken the wrong one. So we went back to the original office and they gave us another one, which didn’t have fuel, etc etc etc.) Anyway, we finally got out of town, and it was BEAUTIFUL. Balmy (around -3 to -10 Fahrenheit, I think, which I never thought of as balmy before), clear blue skies, and gorgeous views.
Enough talk, here are a few pictures.

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  1. October 27, 2009 10:20 am

    Antartica has volcanoes!?

    It’s always a good day when I learn something new. But I’m appalled, at the same time, by the breadth and depth of my geographic ignorance.

    Great photo!

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